Hey longboard bargain hunters

Looking for cheap longboards?

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If you are a bargain hunter, you are looking for a cheap price. What is cheap for a longboard?

Buying a cheap longboard at a big box store where you cannot get the help or knowledge, might not be a bargain after a while. You might end up buying another one within a few months. Wheels are not smooth, bushings are breaking, squeaky wheels etc. And, very important, nobody at the big box store tells you if it is a good longboard. They do not have the knowledge. It is better to do some research online, pick a site that only focusses on longboards and skateboards and ask questions. You can then compare prices and get a good quality longboards for a bargain.

What is a bargain for a longboard? If you are around or under 100 dollars, you will get yourself a bargain longboard. You can enjoy this longboard for a while, especially if you are a beginner.

You can look for different kinds of shapes, graphics and brands. You do not have to buy an expensive longboard to enjoy longboarding! There are many good brands and boards on the market.

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