Cheap Longboard Video’s

Here are some video’s that gets you excited about longboarding. We do have the cheap longboards they are riding on in our store. Check them out.

Longboarding on a Stella Lowrider longboard.

Check out this longboard for a bargain price. Available in different graphics.

Mark Barfield and Greg Bargaehr on some funruns in Southern California riding on a Stella Longboard.

Available in our store for a great price.

The LTD is a very popular and cheap longboard.

Here some video’s of how to make a cheap Longboard yourself!


How To Make A Cheap Longboard POV Camera

Here is a video of how to make cheap longboard slide gloves.

Send us your favorite video’s if there are any great ones that should be here. Send us the link and we might add it to the collection.