Hot Red Longboard Sale

The red longboard

Everything Red that’s on sale. Check out these gorgeous red longboard cruisers, drop downs.


Madrid Midget Party Red Cruiser Skateboard – Pee Wee 23.25″


This mini red longboard, also called the Pee Wee party cruiser is made out of 7 ply of hard rock maple. If you’re not familiar with the Madrid Pee-Wee shape, you might remember this model as the Skate n Surf Bamboo Mini.


Red Drop Down 41″ Blank Longboard Woodie Deck

The Woodie Decks Drop Down blank longboard is lower in the center than where the trucks are mounted. This gives your more stability at great speeds and is great for beginner riders.

Punked drop down red longboard
Punked drop down red longboard

It comes with clear longboard wheels and the drop down longboard is made out of 9 ply Canadian Maple


Madrid Midget Overset Picket Cruiser Skateboard 23″

Red Madrid Cruiser Pee Wee
Red Madrid Cruiser Pee Wee

This Madrid Overset Picket Cruiser skateboard is a killer board. This midget skateboard is 23″ long and had some in-depth testing so it will be able to handle everything and this is the final product. The Picket has a simple kicktail with a street concave proven since the 70äó»s and itäó»s not made of plastic to boot.

This midget skateboard comes complete with Paris 129mm trucks and Cadillac White Walls 59mm 78a wheels.


Drop Down Bomber Red 41″ Longboard Deck

This drop down longboard in red is designed for carving, cruising sliding and downhill longboarding. The deck is low to the ground, providing stability and ultimate control.

Drop down red longboard from Ehlers
Drop down red longboard from Ehlers

This red longboard is a very agile board you can use for many activities without any limitations. Great if you want to try out different riding styles. An excellent carving longboard deck.


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Kicktail Longboards On Sale


SALE – Longboards for Reduced prices!
Sale, Deals!

Looking for a bargain on a longboard? You found it!
We have sales as well as cheap longboards and longboards which have a discount.

Looking for a discounted kicktail longboard? So you are on budget, or just looking for a bargain and want to profit from one of our kicktail longboards on sale?

In the on sale section you will find the boards which you can have for a reduced price.
You can purchase last years designs, where as others we just wanted to price it with a reduction so you can enjoy them right now.
They are all brand new longboards, check it out as for several models the inventory is very low and they are gone before you know it. Some are closeout models.

Here we listed a couple of kicktail long boards for you so you get a quick peek but we also have a section that is called ‘on sale‘. You can see right away how much you safe. We have also other longboards for sale if you decide on something else. This is for all the budget boards we have including pintails, drop down, drop throughs and other shapes of longboards.


Graphic Kicktail Longboard – Dice – 40″ – from Punked – Complete


Love pink, games and gamble? This is the one for you. The pink Dice kicktail longboard from Punked is a good beginners board and has a nice kicktail to do tricks, pivots, slides, ollies, and much more. The medium concave helps you with this and gives you also a nice platform for your feet when cruising. The longer wheelbase gives you more stability for downhill speedboarding.
This pink kicktail longboard comes complete with pink wheels and is ready to ride.

Graphic Kicktail Longboard – Tropical Night – 40 inch from Punked – Complete


The tropical night Punked kicktail longboard is durable and complete. When you receive this board you can jump right on it and bomb away.
It has a medium concave that will help you with big tricks, pivots, ollies, slides and much more. This board gives you stability for downhill skating due to its long wheelbase and more foot space when you want to cruise.

Feel the ocean with this colorful graphic kicktail longboard with flowers, see and palm trees, designed in pink, orange, blue and black and shred it!
The price on this kicktail longboard is a great deal, so get yours.

Kicktail Slow Dayz Blue Stella Longboard 42 inch Complete


This kicktail longboard is perfect for cruising. The medium concave and the angled kicktail gives this board control.
The kicktail is wider to give you more control as well as better control in tighter situations. This board has wheel cut outs for the loose truck riding and doesn’t have the dreaded wheel bite. This kicktail longboard comes with 180mm inverted kingpin trucks.
The Dayz Blue longboard is a great cruiser and beginners longboard, check it out.

Kicktail Longboard Graphic – Rasta – 40″ from Punked – Complete



This is the first Rasta kicktail longboard in this serie. Feel yourself on a tropical island along the beach. With its Jamaica colors yellow, green, red and black, you have no trouble dancing on this board. The longer wheelbase gives more stability for downhill bombing while it also giving more foot space when cruising. In addition to having a kicktail, it also has a medium concave that will help with big tricks, pivots, slides, ollies, and much more.
This board comes complete with green wheels and is ready to ride.

Varsity Kicktail Longboard 42 inch from Stella Longboards


This stella kicktail longboard is perfect for cruising. The medium concave and the angled kicktail gives this board excellent control. The kicktail is wider to give you another control as well in tighter situations.
This board has wheel cut outs for the loose truck riding and doesn’t have the dreaded wheel bite. This stella varsity kicktail longboard comes with 180mm inverted kingpin trucks. A great longboard for beginners for a low price.


BTW, did you know that all our longboards are priced competitive already?
Go and check them out for yourself and look at the blank kicktail boards and complete longboards too. Did you know shipping if free for boards over $75?



Cheap Pintail Longboards


Pintail longboard are very popular boards and this is a classic one that has been used for many, many years.

Looking for a low cost pintail longboard?

To enjoy longboarding you don’t need to spent a lot of money, however we suggest you don’t go for the ultra cheap boards, but take one that’s good quality at a bargain price. You still want to have fun even on a budget, right?

If you go for cheap pintail board from the big department stores your board might not ride as smooth as it could, not turn as it should and fun might be far away. Don’t panic, there are very good longboards available between $60 and $100 based on what type of skating you want to do.

You can go for a blank pintail longboard, which is usually cheaper than a graphic pintail.
Blank boards are available in several colors like hot red, bright pink, sky blue or pitch black. So, it looks like it is blank, but you will get a base color and you can do anything you want with it. You can decorate it with paint, markers or brand stickers.

The graphic makes you board look cool, but with stickers and some personal creativity you can make a real unique bargain longboard without any extra cost.

If you rather have already a graphic on your pintail longboard, there are some excellent boards for a reasonable price.

Here some low priced good quality pintail boards to get you started with.
Also take a look at the discounted boards in our longboard on sale section.

Best Purple Pintail Longboard 40 inch from Punked – Complete


Great for cruising and carving this Purple pintail longboard 40 inch. You make a purple statement with this best pintail longboard for beginners.

The tear dropped shaped deck prevents the wheels from contacting the board. Still providing more than enough foot space. A cheap but still quality longboard for the starter or the moderate concrete surfer. If you want a discount pintail longboard deal on a 40 inch cruiser get this great purple punked longboard.

Bamboo Pintail Longboard – 39″ x 9″ – Complete


An affordable high quality bamboo pintail longboard.

These boards come equipped with 150 mm Reverse Kingpin trucks and 70mm high quality urethane wheels. Fully assembled and ready to ride. This Funbox bamboo pintail is all board and no fuss. You can customize this board the way you want as it comes blank.

Pintail Longboard Pinstripe Black 46″ -Stella Longboards- Complete


This Pinstripe Black Pintail longboard is a full 46″ board. It is a fairly flat board with a deep radial concave towards the edges of the board. It calls on to the wave riders looking to rip on the concrete waves. It delivers decent agility with the 180 inverted kingpin trucks.

Pirate 40″ Cruiser Pintail Longboard from Ehlers Longboards – Complete


The perfect every day cruiser – this Pirate pintail longboard. Arrr time to get some loot and scare the mob away.

Cool Pirate skeleton and treasure on this maple board. The skeleton will have people shiver just like in the pirates of the Caribbean you will never know what will happen next. You will have fun on this carving longboard. This 40″ pintail longboard is Made in the USA. Is is one of the Ehlers cheap pintail longboards we have in our store.

Stella Owl Pintail Longboard 46 inch – Complete


This Stella Classic pintail longboard is a vicious carving machine. Its deck has 8 plies of hand selected 100% Canadian maple veneers for strength and flexibility.

This pintail has a full 46″ board. Fairly flat board with curved lip concave to towards the edges of the board. You can say it’s like The Bluntnoses bigger brother. This pintail complete is assembled with the 180mm inverted kingpin trucks, which is standard on many longboard skateboards.

If you are looking for other cheap pintail longboards for a fenominal price check out our website at