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Looking for Cheap Longboards?

We have a selection of great discounted low-cost longboards which are available in many shapes and styles. We also list cheap longboards and longboards which have a discount coupon code. Looking for a discount pintail longboard, or a cheap drop deck longboard for sale? Check out our longboards on sale and you will find something that fits your budget. Find your low-priced longboards and purchase from here!

A cheap longboard doesn’t have to be crappy. There are many good quality longboards for a very attractive price. There is a difference buying a longboard in a department store for 50 bucks or buying longboards online from select dealers who are specialized in selling longboards. The price will be higher, but you will get a better board for sure. Good quality longboards start around 100 dollars.

Longboards from a department store are usually cheap as it is bulk production and they put the cheapest trucks and wheels under it. It is very likely you will not get the most fun and best experience out of these boards. Wheels are not so smooth, trucks are too squeaky or wiggly, or it will breakfast. And you end up not liking the sport or you end up buying a better one and spend more money.

A good quality longboard is a board that comes with good, smooth wheels, well-made trucks and bearings higher than ABEC-5. It is made out of 7 ply or more Canadian maple hardwood or bamboo, which is more flexible, with features on the deck that make longboarding a fun sport.

These features could be well-made concaves, wider board to stand on, adjustable truck mounts, coarse griptape, shapes that fits with the style you want to do. This will all count when you buy a new board or deck.

For what you will get, our prices are very reasonable and some are cheap longboards for what you get for it.

A good quality board goes a long way!

Here are some samples of cheap, excellent boards:

The orange classic 46″ Pintail Stella Longboard


The punked Drop Down Longboard from Yocaher




The Party Rock Drop Through Bamboo Longboard from Ehlers



The Camber Flex maple Longboard from Funbox



Bamboo Downtown Cruiser Longboard with pink wheels from Bamboo Skateboards


Check them all out at longboardsusa.com

Make sure to check often as we are adding new longboards every month.

For first time customers there is a coupon for 5 dollars off when you spend 75 dollars or more.


Go shred and have fun!